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   Religion began when ‘man’ was created or according to science, seen the evolution of man. We all were thought and even some people had visions of how man came about. And these lead to religion, the belief in the supernatural     Am an Anglican and a proud Christian and something I have notice […]


PREPARING FOR WAEC   You might be wondering why this topic, is it not a little bit strange? Because most readers of my blog would have passed the level of writing WAEC so why write on it? This morning I was reading a book by John Maxell on the ’17 Indisputable Laws of Team Work’ […]


I want to talk about my father, many people talk about their father and how he loved them and what and what he did for them and all of these might be true. We all want to make our father a hero, we should, I will as I talk about him but from a light […]

Hello world!

This is the beginning of a new thing in my life, having a blog has never been an idea of mine but I want to use this medium to achieve a part of my goal. Am not only doing this for people that will read my post but for my self, want to learn from […]