Hello world!

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This is the beginning of a new thing in my life, having a blog has never been an idea of mine but I want to use this medium to achieve a part of my goal. Am not only doing this for people that will read my post but for my self, want to learn from you and I know that with peoples comments  and views on various topics that will be in my blog I will benefit a great deal from it.


I want to also meet people and get people to know me better, and how life can be easier with the knowledge that any situation you find yourself some one has gone through it before and there is always a way out. I will be talking on jobs, people, religion, investment and as many areas that affect my life and also people that I know and permit me to write on them.


I want to welcome you to my time, possible one day you’ll look back and say that guy really did something, or I might be the one to appreciate your comments and how it has helped me through situations. This is new and with your help it will also be exciting.  

Watch out for more in the next few days

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