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You might be wondering why this topic, is it not a little bit strange? Because most readers of my blog would have passed the level of writing WAEC so why write on it? This morning I was reading a book by John Maxell on the ’17 Indisputable Laws of Team Work’ and my neighbor through my window saw me reading and asked if I was preparing for WAEC, I laughed as we joked about it. But on a more serious note why do people write WAEC, this is simply because they want to move from one level to another.


Reading is a key which prepares you to move from one level to another, I once told a book seller am not the reading type at that time I was in the university, he looked like some one that did not pass the secondary school level but he laughed and told me there is nothing like not being the reading type. Funny he new the importance of reading even at his level of education and I did not. We all want to be financially free and have the power to command the respect of others but are not ready to prepare for the exam which moves you to the next level. I developed my reading through understanding how to make time available for it, and that was only recently.


When I finished from the university I understood better the importance of reading and wanted more than anything to start reading, but always gave myself the excuse of not having time as at this time I had started working. I had to pray about it and try to understand how to manage my time. I asked some people who I knew were very busy but still had time to read and found out I could either wake up earlier than usual and after reading my bible spend a minimum of thirty minutes to read a book or just before I sleep I read a chapter of a particular book. And for sometime now it has been working very well for me. People have different ways they read, most people read anytime they had a chance and some people read during their break time and like J. Maxell reads even when in his car and there is traffic, the important thing is that we should keep reading, keep preparing because the next level in your life is around the corner and you must be ready for it.   


Getting started might not seem easy but you can start with a page, read every thing and listen a lot as it will enable strive to know more. I have a friend that told me he doesn’t listen to our local news, I did not seem to understand why, and he later explained that due to the corruption of our leaders he could not see any thing good coming out of anything concerning national interest, I tried to get him to understand that we must have a positive attitude towards our nation and try starting the ‘change’ in our own capacity. He had no interest in that because he was ok with going to work and collecting salary at the end of the month and take everything as it comes. But if you read, you’ll understand that a bad government affects your salary, it affects the environment in which your children will grow up in. The ignorant man’s world is bounded by the limits of his knowledge. So don’t wait start now.

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