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  We are all fortunate to have God look out for us and care for us even when we wrong Him continuously, He never lets go. Last weekend was an experience I will never forget, I did not only see something done in other peoples lives but I saw something new about myself.    It […]


  Ignorance is a reoccurring topic of how much of a disease it is and a lot of us still suffer from it. I was in church last two Sunday and the speaker told a story of a man who was in search for greener pasture, it goes like this.   There was a man […]


I was diagnose some two weeks ego with compound myopic astigmatism, am under going treatment and with God I am healed already.This disease unfortunately affects a lot of people in our time, but instead of the eye it affects their vision of life, the inability to see good things about the future. J. Maxell said […]