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I was diagnose some two weeks ego with compound myopic astigmatism, am under going treatment and with God I am healed already.This disease unfortunately affects a lot of people in our time, but instead of the eye it affects their vision of life, the inability to see good things about the future. J. Maxell said “a great man’s world is bounded by his vision”.



People do not believe in what they do not see or perceive, any thing that has not been done or talked about before to them is not possible. Am in a club were the vision of the club is to have a New Nigeria; this vision is based on our love for our country, knowing that there is no place better than home. The club is growing every day in its thousands because even though a lot of people do not believe that corruption can ever end in the country are beginning to see that we can come together and say enough is enough. The good thing about this club is that it has no political tone to its existence. So no one person can influence or change the vision of our club.



The New Nigerian Club was launched on the 1st of January 2008, and because of its distinctiveness

 it was agreed that as members of the club we are not going to live or buy things like every other person, this gave rise to the various discount packages and soon to come New Nigerian City. It has been exciting being a part of something that’s not only bigger than I could imagin but also being a part of a vision of something that has never been done before. The club has also decided to empower its members with weekly seminars in Lagos, and twice a month in Port Harcourt. These seminars are put in place to empower individuals on ways to be financially stable and self dependent.



Apart from the fact that I am advising every Nigerian reader to join us, I also want you to understand that a man without a vision can never be a great man. Robert K. Greenleaf said “foresight is the ‘lead’ that the leader has. In your vision you will see your future, what you see is what you can be. Towards our vision we must work at all times, preparing yourself by reading and making good of opportunities that come your way.  In George Clason’s book he said through one of his characters that ‘opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time for those who are unprepared’. So you must prepare yourself with a vision and knowledge on how to go about achieving it.   



The New Nigerian club has room for every body and their vision; we all want to make money and ensure that it works for us, change our environment and guarantee that our needs and immediate family needs are met. Like the king of Babylon decided at one time that it will be best if all his people learn how to accumulate gold (money) and be prosperous, which eventually made Babylon the richest city at the time, we in the New Nigerian club has also made that same decision that Nigeria for it to be a better place the mind set of the people must change, from poor to rich, from lack to plenty, from I cant to I can. We can do it because this is our vision, becoming Men of Means.

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  1. Osodi joseph Ekwu

    My bros sorry oh…but know one thing that you can NEVER be sick,,,,,You are a destiny child…..

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