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Ignorance is a reoccurring topic of how much of a disease it is and a lot of us still suffer from it. I was in church last two Sunday and the speaker told a story of a man who was in search for greener pasture, it goes like this.


There was a man in search of better opportunities and a proper lively hood, he decided to embark on a journey to America, but he had no money to take on this journey. He tried his best and got a job which he hoped after some time he would have saved enough money to enable him get on his long awaited dream trip. He worked and worked, and worked, and thereafter he saved enough money and bought a ticket, as at the time of the story it was ships alone that were used as a means of transport.   


He had one more concern as he bought his ticket, he did not have money for feeding on the boat. He thought for a while and decided to buy cheap and adequate food that will last him for the month that the journey was going to last. Due to his minimal fund, he bought crackers and planned to eat them daily with water.


The journey started and he carried on board his crackers and was set for the one month journey to his new life of plenty. On the first day during lunch, he went close to the restaurant, savoured the aroma which came from inside the room and went to a corner and eat his crackers biscuit and drank water. He did this the next day and as long as the journey lasted.


On their arrival at America, the traveller looking sickly heard the other passengers discussing their experience during the journey and one of them express with a passion how he enjoyed the food which was served on board in the restaurant, he told him, that he was a lucky man as he did not have enough money to buy the food. The other man looking at him strangely, he asked if he did not buy his ticket, the traveller told him that he did but that was all he had and he bought crackers to last him the whole journey as this was how he thought best to manger the little fund he had left.  The other man was sorry for him as he told him; his ticket also covered his feeding through out his journey.


This story was told, to drive in the fact that when Jesus died he paid for all to live in Him and in Him we will find plenty. In this case I want to also press down the issue of being informed at all time, about investment, stocks, and other worth while opportunities. The world is moving very fast and if we don’t keep up we might find our selves in the traveler’s shoes. Go to read about stock and the latest about the Economic summit which took place in Lagos.


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