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We are all fortunate to have God look out for us and care for us even when we wrong Him continuously, He never lets go. Last weekend was an experience I will never forget, I did not only see something done in other peoples lives but I saw something new about myself.


 It was last Thursday on the 8th, the rain was heavy and I could not leave the house, when I even attempted it, it did not go down well for me. Some days before my brother called me telling me about a talk he and my cousine had to give in our church in Obiarukwu, Delta State. The programme was organized by the church for the youths of the church in an effort to change the way and light in which they see themselves. My brother told me if I could come, seeing it as an opportunity to see my mum I said I will love to. I also believed in the mission of the church to develop their youths, I was willing to support it. So I decided to be there on Thursday, but the rain was not encouraging, it started lightly and became heavier by the moment. I said to myself that I might not go (that would have been only to my disadvantage). The day went by  and luckily I remembered my aunty was suppose to travel to Warri that day, which will be to my advantage as she will pick me from the house. I called her and off we went to Warri.


On our way my brother called and told me his flight was cancelled because of the bad weather and suggested that if he could not make it I had to do the presentation, that to me would be my first time actually carryingout a presentation and I was unprepared, not expecting it made things even look really touch. But from another angle, I saw this as an opportunity to express my self to people and see them react to what ever I say face to face. I was happy and knew I could do it with God it’s said ‘all things are possible’.   


I got home to my mum after a long journey and enough police oppression and immediately, I began my research on the topic ‘Making Money’ and ‘No Excuse’. My brother sent me a presentation he worked on and I discussed the topics with my mum,who assisted me in finding bible related verses on the topics. It was an exciting process as I learnt a lot as we researched. Believe me there is nothing like knowing what the bible says about money, in it you will understand why we must have money Haggai 2:8, how to make money and what to do with our money Proverbs 24:27. With my preparations I would not wait to get there and download all I had in me.  


On Friday was the ‘D day’ and I kept on trying to equip myself more in other to not only talk to these youths that were excited about the topic ‘Making Money’ but also to ensure that they understand, practice  and even teach others all I was going to tell them. When I started it’s was how I wanted it to be and even more. There was support for some old women in the church which even made me happier. For us in the city and so called modern people we don’t even take the time to encourage younger ones by attending their programs, listen to what they are being thought and try to contribute in our own way. I talked for three hours, about investments, change of mentality and there was never a doll moment. God showed me a new part of my life that I never knew I had. The stories as I told them were funny even to me and the excitement and fun grew so much that the time keeper almost lost track of time and wanted more.


Am happy I was a part of that programme and the way people came to me afterwards was all new to me. We must try and teach what we learn, reach out to people, and also encourage their efforts.If you are the richest man or the only knowledgeable man in your family, you are in for big trouble. Support at all times positive change and you also will end up developing yourself.       




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