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Winning is exciting, we all desire it and should be winners. In the just concluded Champions League competition I witness first hand what it means to never give up in what you believe in because either way you’ll become a winner. The Manchester United football club was determined to win, they had a purpose and they believed in themselves.   


In winning there are steps to follow, in Jack Welch book winning he highlighted a lot of these necessary steps which include; getting the right job if it has to do with career, work-life balance for businessmen, crises management, strategy, etc. Most importantly Jack makes serious reference to character in line with integrity, intelligence, and maturity. In winning we must possess ‘energy’, in every successful organization there are people that pull a certain force which drives the company to achieving set goals, it is mostly the head of the organization and top management staff that possess this qualities and look for these qualities in time of employment. Also ‘Edge’, this is courage, every member of an organization should have courage. It is the special piece that scares away competitors and eliminates negativity.        

Jack Welch knows how to win. During his forty-year career at General Electric, he led the company to year-after-year success around the globe, in multiple markets, against brutal competition. His honest, be-the-best style of management became the gold standard in business, with his relentless focus on people, teamwork, and profits. His goal is to help everyone who has a passion for success. He explores the importance of values, candor, differentiation, and voice and dignity for all. Welch’s optimistic, no excuse, get-it-done mind-set is riveting and it’s the mind set every one needs.

We must change the way we think about life, work and challenges that come our way, we must see these as an opportunity to win. In the company and life you must find the right job and ensure that at the end of the day you achieve work-life balance. Winning in itself is a large topic but narrowing it down is ‘in you’.

Barack Obama an author of one of the most inspiring books (The Audacity of Hope) of our time and democratic nominee for the presidential race in the United States of America, has also displayed a really exciting character that has shown how winning can be driven by belief in yourself, purpose and the good of all. We should all be winners but we must learn from others and put in all the effort we can to win. The long and short if you believe in some thing good. Don’t ever stop believing in what you believe in.  

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