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I have read so many books on giving, and the idea is that as you give you’ll receive, even in the best selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad which also harnesses this point, even though it’s a book that talked about how to receive. What about when it comes to emotions, fillings for a loved one how do we know what to do in that case? Do we maintain the giving principle and look away from the fact that human beings are a different case study? What do we do when it comes to loving and not being appreciated or loved back? Well I have been in this shoe and this is what I believe.


Happiness is the most important thing, the mind as the most valuable asset deserve every form of happiness it can get, apart from the most important form and the most needed, which is being a Christian, in any relationship we must ensure that most of all in what ever we do, we do it because we are happy to. In giving that is, there must be joy that’s what makes it complete.


How do we fine joy in giving to humans which are the most ungrateful pair you can ever come across, its like crying to a pillow (non living thing) that you have done every thing for it, sawn it, clothed it, even wore it some of your most valuable perfume, but still it does not say thank you but instead it hardens itself and its too hard for your head. Definitely you wouldn’t get any response and in most cases that’s how human beings are. There are some though that appreciate what you do for them, but most people see it as a defined responsibility on your part in their life. 


Family, a very important aspect of all our life, with a great loving family, a family that stays with each other no matter what, never forgetting were they came from. A foundation were love begins, we grow up see our parents as all the love we need from age 3-4 to when we get to the university, were we start seeing their love as just their responsibility to us. Then one day we wake up and we are working and obviously taking care of our self and do not need our parents. At that point we see loving our parents as a compulsory forceful responsibility that comes with a lot of sacrifices. Painfully forgetting how your parents when you were growing would do anything to protect you.


What do we do? How do we just drop all our human nature and become selfless, love others more and even equal to ourselves. You can call it divine because to me that’s what it is. But we can do it. It’s a rule ‘divine’, but it remains a rule, in order to receive you must give. Giving is the key to winning, receiving, financial freedom, peace in every aspect of your life including family. Giving back love, your time and teaching people what you know in order to help them improve their lives. In other to change try and change some one you love.         







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