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Like the phrase ‘United we stand or divided we fall’, it is only right that we should understand the advantages of unity. In Nigeria today accounts for approximately one-quarter of West Africa‘s people. Although fewer than 25% of Nigerians are urban dwellers, at least 24 cities have populations of more than 100,000. The variety of customs, languages, and traditions among Nigeria’s 389 ethnic groups gives the country a rich diversity. It is impossible to state demographic figures on Nigeria authoritatively, as national census results have been contested. But in all we run into millions, and we were also blessed with alot of natural resources which if properly managed could carter for the whole of Africa.

This is where I ask, what’s happening; did you just say ‘AFRICA’? Yes as a matter of fact there is no nation on earth which is as blessed as NIGERIA in the aspect of natural resources. We have more resources than any nation and can not manage it.

National unity is never easy to attain and Nigeria is a threefold problem aggravated by personal issues between different peoples speaking many languages and by social and religious customs which often are bolstered by prejudice and obstinacy. All other nation should also put it into consideration that when our nation is unstable it affects the world as we export a high quantity of crude and together we make the world, in other words we have to put hands together and make these problems go.  Our diversity has become a problem to us as we have not accepted that we are all brothers and sisters. If only we could unite and say enough is enough to corruption and every one in authority who practice it, including the bodies set up to ensure discipline amidst the people will reframe from it.

Charles Nesbitt Wilson an American congressman is a good example of a person who used the power of unity to achieve his goal. In 1986-1988, he managed to unite rival nations which included Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel and Egypt to defeat the all great Russia. This earned him a name to recon with all over the world as he save nations which were under treat of being eliminated.    

I am a member of a movement, The New Nigerian Club (, a movement that believes in change, and positive attitude towards our environment. We are a movement that looks at the possibility of good roads, safe homes, proper water supply and creativity and innovation to back up growth and stability. We are the New Nigerians that want a change in the international scene of how others see us (NIGERIANS). We want to be able to drive out any form of corrupt practices through changing the mind set of all Nigerians. We have started it today and pray that we are joined by well meaning Nigerian and others abroad.


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