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My very good friend spoke in a seminar conducted Praise Fowowe International for employees of UAC and Private business owners on self decipline, he told a story that I will love to share here.

The story is about a successful marketer named ‘BIG CHESS’, he could virtually sell any thing, no body could beat his record, and he was the best, better than all the rest. Everyone wanted to associate with him, because around him was the air of growth, achievement and prosperity. Then, one day in their annual general meeting Big Chess said he was retiring, every one was sad and did not want him to leave; they could not imagine what will happen to the company without him. He held an envelop, in which he wrote the secret of his success. And said his colleagues should bid for it. They did bid for it and someone bought it for $10,000, he told him to open only when he gets home as it’s a secret. Mr. Alex, the buyer got home and opened the envelop and saw boldly written the word ‘ASK’. Information is one of the major bullets for success, if you have information, believe me you’ll be successful and if you don’t look for people that have it and use it to your advantage.

Talking about success bullets, I won’t want to forget goal, vision, discipline, leverage and self confidence. These are things we all need to work on. We must set achievable goals with a proper dead line. And when you don’t meet it, you retry and ensure that any mistake made before is corrected.

Another vital point is ‘vision’, unusual wisdom in foreseeing what is going to happen. Without vision you aim for absolutely nothing. You must perceive what and were you will be a very short time from when you begin to pursue your goal. Discipline, leverage and self confidence has to do with human behaviour and being able to take advantage of friendship and information for the purpose of achieving once goals.

These bullets like I have tagged it here should be put in a pump action and shot away for you to be successful.

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