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In the movie 300 (300 Spartans) was a show of courage, Leonidas secretly decides to take his personal bodyguard of 300 men to the pass to fight Xerxes the king of the Persians and his men.   An army that has almost achieved their goal was being challenged by 300 men. It was an exciting movie that buttressed the point that with the will and courage, you can conquer your worse fears.


Xerxes was son of Darius the great and Atossa, the daughter of Cyrus the Great. After his accession in October 485 BC, he suppressed the revolts in Egypt and Babylon, he was feared all over, but the Spartans’ had the ability to conquer the fear and despair of this great ruler, who wanted to rule the world. That is courage.


If you are one of those who watch cartoons, there is the story of a dog named Courage (the cowardly dog). He was so scared of the dark and he belongs to a lady named Muriel who lived in an isolated farm with her husband. Because of the place they lived, some thing mystic always came their way. It was either something or someone who wants to kill all of them or just needs one of them. Courage was always the first to sense the danger and gets so scared he tries to warn his owners. Eventually almost in every episode, Muriel is kidnapped and the coward named courage, conquers fear and despair and saves the day. I appreciate the concept of this cartoon as it shows us that with courage, all our endeavors will be a walk in the park.      


We also must have the courage to fail, as not in all of our projects that we will have an easy ride, there might be bottle necks and walls that look like dead ends, don’t give up keep striving for greatness. The 300 Spartans knew, that they will be remembered for all time for the courage which they displayed.


In all be the force in what ever field you find yourself, fight for what you believe in. We can’t not stop now, in ensuring that evil does not prevail against good, be a law abiding individual, try and stand out. Let us in our fear and despair of what people might say about us or what might happen to us gather courage to eliminate disgruntled elements from our immediate environment by showing that we can do things the way its supposed to be.    


I am VOKE EMORE a NIGERIAN (PROUD) who will fight to change, the image and the way every other race and tribe think about us. I am a member of the NEW NIGERIAN CLUB. Today I speak for Nigeria, that one day we will be a changed nation that will save other nations from self destruction.


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