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Angela met Emeka when she was in her early twenties. They loved each other or so they thought. However, having reached her late twenties with no proposal of marriage forthcoming, Angela doubted if Emeka would ever marry her. She finally got tired, and when a friend of hers suggested a meeting with her brother in the united states, she was all for it.

Angela and her friends brother exchanged photographs, letters and phone calls, but they never met. When he finally came home to see her, they got on well.They gotmarried 15th December the same year and in the middle of february the next year she travelled to the United State with him. After some time she found out that they are incompatible and she came back. Her family has to watch her now, for she has become suicidal.

Another story goes lik this, there is this guy called Frank, he comes from an average family. He met Jane, whose family belongs to the aristocratic sector of society. They fell in love, or so it seemed. All through their dating and courtship period Frank found that he couldn’t really control Jane. She always wanted to have her way in every situation that required a choice. Frank did not mind switching positions with him. Hence he went ahead and married Joan, against the councel of his parents.

Right from the start it was clear that Joan wouldn’t be submissive to frank. Given the slightest reason, she would shout at him, even though she was four years his junior. Soon after the wedding nothing Frank did was right for Jane. One day, after a short argument, Jane threw Franks ring at him, slapped him and walked out. Frank, not wanting his marriage to end like that, went after his wife two days later. When he arrived at her parents’ house,he was surprised to find a married man in her room with the consent of her parents. She asked him for a divorce and he felt he had no choice but to grant her wish.

Love is suppose to be a beautiful thing, but from many other stories like this ones, you get to fill more and more that the word doesn’t or can’t not be attainable. But then we get reminded that there is one who laid down his life for all to live. That there is one who made us and still has contiuned to show us love and play a blind eye to our faults. We keep failing Him,we keep telling Him to stay out of our lives but He sticks around all the same with so much love in His supernaturality for us.

I am a christain and its so amazing how much i wrong my savour Jesus but he still loves me. He shows me every day when i wake up, when i have what to eat and meet so many good people which God favours me through. When i come back home with no form of injury or sickness and i still can breath. I know He loves me and by His grace He will also give one who will make love a beautiful thing in my life. 

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