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This topic was inspired by a good friend; he made me realize how forgetful we could be. How the story of one man, or should I say one divine, made man could change our existence forever.


He is the son of the creator, and in all He left His greatness and splendor to descend to earth, stayed for thirty years. Healing, feeding, preaching and working all together for our good (a perfect servant). Afterwards He died, not just in His sleep or of old age, but was killed by the same people He served for years, how ungrateful we could be.


A 12 year old boy’s puppy was trapped in a hole covered by heavy boulder. The boy tried to move the boulder in order to rescue the little puppy. However, the boulder was simply too heavy for him. As he kept trying to move it, his father who had been watching all along asked, ’son are you using all your strength?’

‘Yes. Father, I am using all my strength, but the stone will not move, ‘the boy replied.

‘Are you sure?’ the father asked sympathetically.

‘Yes, I am, ‘the boy insisted, out of breath.

 ‘No, you are not, ‘the father replied

‘But I am, father, ‘the boy replied, becoming impatient.


The father placed his hands gently on the boys’ shoulders, looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘but you have not asked me to help you. You have got me; you should recognize that I am part of your strength ‘and so, with his father’s help, the boulder, which had seemed impossible to move, was easily moved and the little puppy was rescued.


All He wants is to be there for us, and for us to be friends with Him, knowing we can do nothing without Him and a simple ‘Thank You’ will make Him happy and do more. His story had nothing to do with Him; it was solely to please His father and knowing the love His father had for us to also save us. And to show us what love and friendship truly means.    


His story has changed our chances and now we have an intercessor who talks to God on our behalf. But His story did not all end in death, He rose again from the death, and was seen by many of His followers and ascended into heaven, were now He seats at the right hand of God almighty. And was given a Name, because of His obedience and love and selflessness, a Name that is above every thing in heaven and on earth, that in His Name every kneel shall bow and every tongue will confess that JESUS CHRIST is Lord of ALL.    

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