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‘Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue’-Plato

 Talking about music and Nigeria, there has been a sudden acceleration of the acceptance and hype in the industry. What do we love about our music? Is it educative or just for the fun of it?


 We must know that in every aspect or industry, it has an economic effect which sticks to it. Nigerians appreciate change and over the years the music industry has moved from one level to another, now rap has also been imbibed by Nigerian musicians. But can we say the industry has been educative? I don’t think so, as we have celebrated the wrong kind of music. Music like ‘Yahoozee’ by Olu Maintain passes a wrong message to the youths, as it describes, or emphasizes and celebrates fraudulent practices. Also others like booty call which I honestly like and others which stimulate sexual thoughts and desires should also be looked into by all. A lot of hip artist which are idols of the youth, pass a new massage which makes one believe that the most important thing was after you get some money, a sign of achievement is buying a new car, then a lot of girls and finally throw a big party to celebrate your success.


 Although from a positive side of it the Christian and patriotic music are also being accepted, and a lot are directly moved and motivated by the love and high sense of belonging which the music has past so far.  Our musical artist has also taken patriotism into another level, using slogans like proudly Niaja, Niaja 4 life, and so on. We have come to accept our music more, youths and adults alike, the craze for the foreign artist has died down. In the just concluded Thisday festival I was glade that the organizers displayed our ‘bests’ in Atlanta as a way of also introducing Nigeria to the world.


 Challenges also threaten the industry as pirates are on the highest level of their activity in Nigeria. They take it as top priority to frustrate all efforts to stabilize the industry. As long as piracy grows in the country, I don’t think it will be possible for the industry to excel in production and use of top of the art equipment.  I was in a meeting with one of our Nigerian producer were we (me and some friend) was introducing shape CD to them as a way to cub piracy and he warned us to be careful with our goal as the pirates themselves will stop at nothing to eliminate and treat. Although I do not share his opinion on the fact that we should not keep trying but I understood were he was coming from.


 Shape CD Africa is a new company which we believe will eliminate piracy if accepted by Nigerians. The origin of Shape CD was in Germany and is becoming a global concept as it can also be used as a form of branding by businesses, record labels and much more. Am looking out for the industry, what can you do to change or help the industry?


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  1. sandrar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    • emorevoke

      Thanks do you have a blog I can look at. Hope to hear from you

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