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The Nigerian government and press have a new attitude of making every thing look ok when it is not. Events occurring in the Niger Delta are not properly portrayed by the press. The local press has chosen to keep every thing on a low key, while events have shown other wise.

The oil rich Niger Delta accounts for a major portion of Nigeria’s revenue. Crude oil which happens to be the main source of revenue for the nation is gotten from this region. It is therefore supposed to be developed and well taken care of, however the reverse is the case. Deibu is a community that is located in this region which is completely cut off and far from civilization while the beautiful city of Abuja is illuminated with beautiful street lights and amazing structures.

In the past various commissions have been set up, from the Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission (OMPADEC) to the present Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), also the new set up ministry, Niger Delta Ministry which the NDDC will be a body under it and everything in between. These commissions, the Government and the oil company’s are supposed to provide basic social amenities like water, light, schools, good roads, hospitals amongst others for the region. But the youths are not seeing anything being done and so their activity by kidnapping is still the in thing.

Unfortunately, kidnapping has gone beyond wanting to be heard, it’s now an occupation, criminals who were once militants are now enjoying from the pain of their fellow brothers.  Politicians now and always have been using these young men to eliminate and bully there opponents, rumors in the past states that former governors of the region, were using these young boys and also gave them a lot of money and ammunitions. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) recently had one of their leaders arrested and his right now facing trial for illegally importing weapons, how did he start? Rumors also have it that he was initially sponsored by the so called Golden governor.  Also the boys also use their less busy time to make some money for them selves as they kidnap any rich mans’ child and parent in the region. Government in the region can not do much as these boys are their ally.   

I ask my self can things change? Well that depends on how much we want change, are we ready to know the truth on how far this problem has gone and stop saying it like just a surface problem. I really believe that there are a lot of gainers from the Niger Delta problem from the high class individuals, to even the JTF (joint tax force) who are in charge of security in the region. We must come together and be ready to eliminate this rising enemy from the pit of terror, because if we don’t our dream for good governance and a safe environment for free Nigerians will soon been gone for good.


Oil is a blessing we must see it from that view and believe, all parties involved that we are going to look back at all the events that lead to a positive change in the region, a change that brought about good housing and security, good water supply and cheap food. Finally a better environment for private investors.   


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