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Every one is complaining, about whom to trust, the right job, the right relationship and so on. It is so difficult a times to ascertain what can happen next to you when you find yourself in the middle of a particular situation. Am going to concentrate on job seekers and job satisfaction and how it affects us.


When we all get out of school, we find out the truth of life which obviously shows that it’s not all that glitters that’s gold. Most of us come out of school with the idea that friends and family will be able to make our dreams come true, while others depend on their academic performance which they unfortunately come to realize that some time (few) it doesn’t count. So what do we do? Nigeria is still called a third world country because of the poor state of our educational system and high rate of unemployment. The generally language in Nigeria but if as a Nigerian you want to study abroad, most countries like the US, even Malaysia demands that we take an English exam, this is unfortunate and disgraceful.


What is the problem? Well I should think all for us we will want to start with the government. There has been a lot of talk in the education system and how improvements are in the pipe line. Recently the Rivers state government declared a state of emergency on the education system, but what is the plan I ask? We can’t just talk and talk, some thing new must be put in place to instigate learning for youths, all they think about now is money and so far that’s what our economy has been all about. People are suffering every one is thinking about what to eat and how to provide for immediate needs. So it’s hard for a parent to look at all his children’s activities, because he has to work too hard to ensure that child has an education and the family has something to eat.


The rich on the other hand are not safe, they get to be embarrassed by embassies and their children are made to do manual labour and unskilled jobs to meet up wit bills and personal upkeep. And those that don’t want to send their children abroad will also suffer the fear of their children being influenced by the troubled ones in the society. It goes on and on. For those who successfully finished schooling, we now try to find out what is new?


My decision was to take any opportunity that came my way after school, I really never thought on what I now appreciate, which is working for you or being self employed. Firstly, one must work any were, in all don’t forget to read between what you do and try as much as possible to create a new opportunity from all of it. Were ever you work and what ever amount you are being paid or even when you are not being paid look out for a lesson to learn, either in your field or what ever field always try and be the best in what you do.     


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