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It was October 1st two days ego, again Nigeria marks another independent celebration of our nationality. This day also marks the day when my brother was born, he as Nigeria means a lot to me. I actually celebrate this day with a lot of passion for the love of my country and much more for my brother, I take out time and I pray to God for both parties.


As our country clocks 48, I ask myself what’s next once more, have we improved? Have we changed during the year? What has actually changed in our nation?


The president has made his position clear again and again, pointing out that development and growth is in the top of his agenda. From the day he became president, things even in the political terrene has not been business as usual. We have actually seen things taking the right direction, panels and commissions have been set up to correct and check procedures, and recently there was a cabinet reshuffle because some politicians neglected their duties. Which I most commend the president for a big and bold step of this nature.


Nigeria has gone down and under every kind of oppression, neglect, looting by greedy government personnel and military rulers and now all we want is a change we well deserve. The government so far has been on their agenda and things are looking good. There have been a lot of bright ideas, in Lagos we have heard talks of the Mega city project, in Calabar there is also encourage maintenance of exiting tourist sites, also in Rivers with all the militancy activities, notable development is still on the ground and it’s admirable. In Delta state we are also looking at the soon coming construction of the new sea port in a village in Delta state, and it goes on and on. Am happy that the government is will to change, but another question is are we?


It’s our country (for Nigerians everywhere); I have seen Nigerians celebrate independence abroad more than we in the country celebrate it. We must learn to appreciate our country because no one can do that more than we can. I was reading a book titled gifted hands by Ben Carson recently, and he pointed out how we have the attitude as blacks that we can never do as well as whites and how this attitude must change. We are all ‘people’, black or white; he mentioned apart from himself young black grate achievers that are proud of who and were they come from. We are a nation of great potentials and a lot of resources, please let’s join hands together and build our NATION



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