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“Do you feel the world is treating you well? If your attitude toward the world is excellent, you will receive excellent results. If you feel so-so about the world, your response from that world will be average. Feel badly about your world and you will seem to have only negative feedback from life”. – John Maxell

The bible tells us that there is a purpose for our life, which has been designed by God. In an example, the story of Ruth was sited by the writer of ‘Every day with Jesus’. The story of Ruth always made me ask myself, what exactly was this book teaching us? Was it suppose to make us appreciate and learn from Ruth, how to be loyal? Or was patience a key point in the story.

I came to understand that her story was to enlighten us that even the beggar on the street has a role to play in God’s kingdom. Every ones life is a story which has been designed by God. Ruth from bible was the grate-grand-mother of King David, a line which our Lord Jesus was a part of.

On the other hand, if she had gone back like the other wife of her brother in-law her story won’t have been so important. So patience and loyalty is also a lesson to learn.

There is this story of a woman, a young bride from the east who, during wartime, followed her husband to a U.S Army camp on the edge of the desert in California.

Living condition was terrible and the people around did not even speak English, her husband advice her against coming but she wanted to be close to him. When her husband was ordered further into the desert, life became almost unbearable. She wrote to her mother that she was coming home. She couldn’t take it any more.

A reply came which included two lines, “Two men looked through prison bars; one saw mud, the other saw stars.” She got the message and decided what she wanted to see, opportunities came after she learnt how to adapt to her environment. It went so well that she wrote a book on the episode.

A change happened, this was because of her ability to recognize and take advantage of the opportunity which is seen, only when you choose to see it. Some miss opportunities, like Ruth’s sister-in-law, and some become great or even play a part in a great story.

What do you see, the mud or the stars?

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