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I just read about a followup on the story of Gabriel Mordi, in the vanguard and thought it proper to share with you’ it goes like this; “A young  graduate who went to Lagos to collect his appointment letter to enable him assume duty at one of the new generation banks in Asaba has been […]

Gabriel Murdi : A Glorious Life cut Short. As I read the papers today, a very sad story caught my attention. It is a painful and heartbreaking story that I think should re-awaken the need for national re-orientation and a change in the Nigerian system. The public sector in Nigeria has to be overhauled and the need for excellent service delivery must […]


  We all know the power of prayer; I just had to share this exciting story with you. Please take some time and read this beautiful story.   This beautiful story was written by a doctor who worked in Africa.   One night I had worked hard to help a mother in the labor ward; […]


“We never hide from history, we make history” John McCain   “Let’s summon a new Spirit” Barak Obama   “We are not enemies, but friends” Lincoln.     The United state of America has set an example (positive) for the world to follow. Nigerians should learn from senator McCain, he set an example worth to […]