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history“We never hide from history, we make history” John McCain


“Let’s summon a new Spirit” Barak Obama


“We are not enemies, but friends” Lincoln.



The United state of America has set an example (positive) for the world to follow. Nigerians should learn from senator McCain, he set an example worth to emulating. He came out and congratulated and vow to support Obama, he urges his supporters to employ the primary goal which is the love for their country. He or Obama never for once mentioned Bush, in fact Bush called Obama immediately to congratulate him too and invited him for a meeting in the white house so they could finalize on how the transition is going to take place.


Think about it, has some upsetting defeat or discouragement come your way recently? It’s up to you to decide how you will handle the defeats of life. No man will go through all of life without meeting defeat from time to time. When it happens to you, don’t quit, Missionary E.stanley Jones said that he had adopted as his motto for life ‘’When life kicks you, let it kick you forward’’A wise resolve! Anyone can start, but only a thoroughbred will finish. Let’s learn from McCain


Obama story has not only been an example for the world, but for a world which he believes in, a world which he wants a positive change. A world which he has now made believes that in hard work, in believe, in hope and faith anything is possible. A world which he grew up in difficulty, abandoned by his father, trained by a white grand-mother, practically went through school on his own finance. Became one of Harvard’s best but decide to serve in the community. He is one of a kind, peculiar, God chosen, dynamic and he actually move Americans and a lot of people over the world to tears.


This has also shown and thought younger generations various lessons

1) Free and fair election is important and satisfies the wishes of the people, and finally it’s a better victory.

2) The knowledge of whatever you decide to achieve is achievable, all you need to do is believe in your self and know what you are doing.

3) Ability to accept defeat and then working together for a positive goal just like John McCain.

4) Self confidence.

5)  Steadfastness and much more.


In all this is History in the making. All we need to start is to say “YES WE CAN”


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  1. NPs Save Lives

    I truly hope that he can bring about changes that will help America. People need to realize that the president is only a small part of the governmental process and that the congress and senate are the real change agents. Nice blog!

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