Gabriel Murdi : A Glorious Life cut Short.

· Government


As I read the papers today, a very sad story caught my
attention. It is a painful and heartbreaking story that I think
should re-awaken the need for national re-orientation and a
change in the Nigerian system. The public sector in Nigeria
has to be overhauled and the need for excellent service
delivery must be emphasized. It is a tale of an economy gone

Gabriel Murdi is a 23 year old Public Administration graduate
of Madonna University Okija. He graduated with a second
class upper and just got a job in Zenith Bank. He was on his
way back to Asaba, Delta State from Lagos in the company
of two young men who offered him a lift from Lagos to break
the good news to his parents when the car he was in was
stopped by policemen at a check point. Before the car could
stop, there was a shot from one of the policemen.

When the car came to a final stop, Gabriel discovered that he
had been shot by the police at a checkpoint in Agbor-Delta
State. On noticing this, the policemen ran to their car and sped
off. The two young men then rushed Gabriel to the hospital
where he was refused treatment by the hospital on the grounds
that they had to get a police report. Gabriel was still full of life
at about 6:30 p.m and alerted his mother and she immediately
got on the road and headed for Agbor from Asaba which is 45
minutes away.

The two young men got the police report but Gabriel was still
refused treatment until payment could be made. His mother
arrived at the hospital and pleaded for Gabriel to be treated,
this was turned down by the hospital authorities. She had to
return to Asaba to get money for the treatment. Gabriel was
rushed into the theater at 11 pm, more than 6 hours after the
incident. He died at 1 pm………………….

We notice that there is a big problem in the system, concerning the issue of life and death. This is a story of young man who had great future ahead of him, he was happy and had a breaking news for a family that finally see him die. it will be difficult for them and i pray God gives them the strenght to bear the lost.

On one hand, its amazing that the police will shot under such conditions, from the story they must have been on an illegal patrol and was exercising their muscles. This is wrong and because there are no proper checks in place for police officers, they practically do what they want and think they can get away with it. God help us we will not let it happen. I am shouting and hope people will also shout with me. The police force must be put in check, and the men who shot this boy must be brought to book.

On the other hand, the medical profession states clearly that you should save lives first and ask questions later, no one deserves to die, not even a crimainal as there are laws to punish who ever is proven guity. Doctors, hospitals should please save first and ask questions later. The boy is dead and the hospital still got paid, when has money become more important than a human beings life? when did we get so money conscious, when did a life not matter ?

This must stop we must help to change the attitude of hospitals and the police, we must fight wrong killings, we must fight oppression by force agents, we must bring about change.

May the soul of Gabriel Murdi rest in peace


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  1. Hezy

    Gabriel was my classmate from Jss1 till ss3. i saw him a week before his death. he even told me about the Zenith bank offer. Now he never got to work there. Great guy, full of life. a comedian. as i type this now, i am still shocked. i feel so bad i could not attend the burial. I love you gabby. see u at the other side

  2. Timothy Ekeruche

    It is a pathetic story. I think d national assembly should pass a law making it compulsory 4 those working 2 have medical credit card and those not yet working 2 have medical card that could be used 4 treatment and settle later if there is no money.

  3. Paul Akioh

    It is a pathetic story, nice one we all need to say something for a change to take place.

  4. ken okoli

    As I write this, I feel heavy in my heart about the untimely death of Gabriel Mordi. Although it is more than a year ago the incident happened but it is still fresh in us who heard the story and were present at his funeral. I pray to Almighty God to use the death of this young lad to inspire a revolution against extra-judicial killing in Nigeria.

    Yes we can if we believe! Yes I believe.

    Ken Okoli

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