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I just read about a followup on the story of Gabriel Mordi, in the vanguard and thought it proper tnews-flasho share with you’ it goes like this;

“A young  graduate who went to Lagos to collect his appointment
letter to enable him assume duty at one of the new generation
banks in Asaba has been brutally murdered at a police checkpoint
at Agbor, Delta state.

His was identified as Mr. Gabriel Mordi from Ebu, Oshimili North
local government area of the state. He was shot last Monday night
by a policeman during a hot argument with the driver of the vehicle
conveying Mordi from Lagos enroute Asaba.

Already, all the five policemen at that duty post where the alleged
gruesome killing took place have been arrested. However, there are
conflicting reports as to whether the team of policemen at that particular
checkpoint were actually there on legal duty or interlopers.

Eyewitness told our reporter Mordi was rushed to the Central hospital
Agbor but gave up the ghost before proper medical attention could be
administered on him.

Contacted yesterday, the State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO),
Mr. Charles Muka, an Assistant Superintendent Police (ASP) although
confirmed the story but said “our (police) comment comes later please”.
Though the men have been arrested, we must not allow the case to die down, because we have seen cases like this wereby after arrest, nothing is heard of the case afterwards. We must all pray that these men should face the law and situations like this do not reoccur.

The Central hospital Agbor, must also change their principles. Government must look into emergency cases and how it must be handled. Saving a life must come first before police report and money. This must be put into law. We all need to keep up the good fight, tell your friends about the story of Mordi, let your church know, so they can pray for the family. Lets put all hands on deck and then, only then can change be a reality. 

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