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“The majority see the obstacle, the few see the objectives”- Alfred Armand Montapert

A topic like this has a lot of sides to it, because problems can be seen from different angles, while some see it as unsolvable, permanent, not normal, bitter, and as something that can stop us, people with the right perspective is it as solvable, temporary, a normal part of life, better, and finally as something that can only stretch us.

We must see that in every problem there is an opportunity to discover something new or learn something new, which could lead to an amazing achievement.

A young woman was complaining to her father about her problems and how difficult life was.

“Come with me, “he said. “I want to show you something.” He took her into the kitchen where he put three pots of water on the stove to heat. Meanwhile, he cut up some carrots and put them into the first pot to boil. Into the simmering water in the second pot he put two eggs. In the third pot he poured some ground coffee. After some few minutes, he strained the carrots into one bowl, peeled the eggs and put them into another, and into the cup he poured the strained coffee. Then he placed them before his daughter.

“What’s all this supposed to mean?” she asked some what impatiently.

“Each of these items can teach us something about the way we handle adversity,” he answered. “The carrots started out hard, but the boiling water turned them mushy. The eggs went into the water fragile but came out hard and rubbery. The coffee, on the other hand, changed the water into something better.

“Sweetheart,” he said, “you can choose how you will respond to your problems. You can let them make you weak. You can let them make you hard. Or you can use them to create something beneficial. It’s all up to you.

I won’t know a better were to put it and I hope some one reads this, and chose the last option. Let our problems be a door opener and a life cut short. I particularly like the was John Maxwell see PROBLEMS;

P redictors – helping mold our future

R eminder –Showing us that we can not succeed alone

O pporunity- pulling us out of ruts and prompting us to think creatively

B lessing- Open doors we could others wise not go through

L esson- Providing instructions with each new challenge

E verywere- telling us no one is excluded from difficulty

M essages- Warning us about potential disaster

S ovable- Reminder us that every problem has a solution

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