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Looking at the topic your mind brings you to what happened some time ego. The former president of the United bushState was stoned with a shoe in Iraq, by a press man.

Why did he do it, He believed that the war in Iraq which was initiated by the former President of the United state J. Bush was wrong and should not have happened. He said, he did what he did because of the widows and orphans in the region. Do you blame him?

True it’s an insult to throw a shoe on some one, but he had a point, the former president though tried not to make a big deal about it but it only shows how sad the people are, pressmen normally try to use only there writing to get at their victims. Writing old stories and trying as much as possible to bring out dirt on them. This is normally the sequence and not as far as getting physical in a press briefing.

Bush was know as a man that had little or no idea of what through governing was all about, he spent one third of his tenor on vacations, he did nothing for eight months after his swearing in until the 9/11 attack. This is when he decided to turn his tenor into a war.

Speculators say he was told about the 9/11 attack before it happened, he had no plan or could not do anything. The secretary of state was more in governance than he was. He joked about almost every thing which to me was a sign of inefficiency and lack of taking the seat of the presidency serious.

The shoe I guess put him back in perspective, because after then, he later admitted that the initial war in question was a mistake and should never had been.

It all boils down to one simple truth, which is we must get our acts together when ever we are given a position of responsibility, we must see clearly the fact that a lot of people depend on us, for motivation, for a better way out, for success, and handling the position like no one else have. In the bible it clearly stated that we should be diligent in all we do.


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  1. happiness

    it is true that we should think very well before taking a decision, well there is no doubt that he has made a mistake somewhere so, need being is that, we being a citizen of a country should learn from that always do thing right every-time and anywhere we found ourselves so please let us join hands together and build a better word thanks


    • emorevoke

      Thank you happiness and am glad there are Nigerians like you. God bless you

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