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“Happiness can not be bought, but it could be planned for” Me

Today is a blessed day, as i came across some new opportunities for one to invest in times like this. We all know about the financial crises which has been moving from one country to the other, CBN analyst has said that Nigeria might not be able to stand the second phase of the financial crises. But for people like us who have or practise reversed paranoia, which means being positive in all and every situation we fine ourselves.

It’s time to position yourself, for all those who live in Nigeria, these opportunities are once in a life time opportunities and the earlier you become a part of this, the safer you are in times of any rumor or actual crises.

What am I saying in the long run, invest now, don’t wait for the right time, because unknown to you the right time is when you say it is, by the time you are 40, you’ll be playing pool or gulf with friends and former business associates as by that time you would have retired.

1. Haulage
A Successful Haulage company involved in the transportation of goods within Nigeria is currently seeking investors. The management needs additional capital for purchase of trucks to expand and be able to meet the ever increasing transport needs in this sector. The return on investment is conservative, yet very attractive.

2. Holidays & Cash
Holidays and Cash is a Network marketing company offering discount on hotel and flight bookings around the world. You can enjoy up to 40% discount on these bookings and you can earn profits by referring people to join the program. There are no limits to how much you can earn, actually you decide what you want to earn.

3. IFA
IFA is a Network marketing product backed up by ADIC Life and Diamond Bank offering life insurance policies. By paying monthly premiums between N2,000-N8,000 you get a cover of between N500,000 and N4,000,000. You can also earn bonuses as much as N300,000 a month by referring people to insure their lives.

4. Land Deal

50 plots of land are currently available at Papalanto Road, Ofada via Mowe, Ogun State. About 25minutes drive from Lagos end of the toll gate. It is currently zoned residential and the name of the estate is prime estate phase 2. Has appreciated well above 100% between December 2007 and January 2009. It currently sells for N800,000. You have an opportunity to buy for 25% less than the current value if you intend to pay once and there is a payment plan attached if you do not intend
to pay once.

For more details about these opportunities as well as the expected return on investment send a mail to Chinese predicted that this is the year of the OX, a year of hard times and struggle, but for us who trust in God, He says our case is different, but we must equip ourselves. Are you ready?


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  1. Akioh Paul

    keep the good work, man u dey try

  2. Osodi Joseph

    Yeah I need 5000 plots of land in the land deal, just let me know the amount and I send you the cash……lol



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