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‘Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth, “You owe me.”
Look what happens with a Love like that!
It lights the whole Sky.’ (Hafiz)

The word love according the Webster dictionary means, unselfish loyalty or benevolent concern for others. We all at one time want to love or be loved. On the 14th of February islove saint Valentine day.

St Valentine was a christian martyr, he brought about the name, all around the world even in Iran this day is celebrated as lovers day. This day is celebrated with some one special, some that you have deep affection for.  I have some one like this, who is very special to me and I’ll want to spend the rest of my life with not only this particular day, her name is Isioma Modunkwu, the girl of my reality.

Coming back to what we were talking about, the topic  love. What else can we do, our mission was to love our neighbor as our self, the greatest commandment in the bible. Who is your neighbor some once asked Jesus, His reply was a parable, which was about two individuals from two known enemy tribe, one was rubbed and when his fellow tribe men saw him injured and lying on his own, they passed him by, but when the man (neighbour) from the other tribe was passing, he took pity on him and helped him. This is a story of true love given to a fellow human been.

Our country Nigeria needs to use this period to find love in their hearts, express it by showing it to their neighbour. All those in power must take time out from enriching their pockets and think about the Nigerian who is working very hard and can not see what he has gained, as he spends time paying for every thing that government would have provided. Our parents should take time out and understand that true love is not giving their children money to bribe there way through school, but actually ensuring that these children get proper education and represent the country in the nearest future.

We have to love our country and be deeply committed to it on the other hand. We see young Nigerians fight for a change in the system, why don’t we join in. The New Nigerian Club and its members have a reason to celebrate by the weekend, because as a matter of priority they have shown their love for the country with all they have put in for change. They have gone to over 20 higher institutions, addressed over 50,000 Nigerians offline, millions on line, they have reached beyond the physical boundaries called Nigeria, to Nigeria and Nigerians in Diaspora – UK, US, Canada, Ireland, e.t.c. They have been on radio, they have featured on Television, they have branded t-shirts, branded cash cards, wear Nigeria lapel pins, branded CDs and DVDs like Nigeria’s map, they have sponsored events, sponsored athletes, supported orphanages, given scholarships, empowered people and have done their widows might in achieving a truly New Nigeria.

Lets Show love this season. I love you all


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  1. sandra

    I have heard of the New Nigerian club and i think what they are doing is great and pray God helps them do more.

  2. Jane

    A beautiful piece, will love to read more from you, please dont stop writing.

  3. Gift

    A lovely piece, cant wait to read more from you. Keep it up

  4. Osodi Joseph

    Good piece, keep up spreading the good news..NNC is the best network.

  5. agatha

    do you know the relationship between the two eyes? a friend of mine asked. they sleep together, cry together,and they see everything together and they don’t even get to see each other. i think the two greatest lovers are the eyes if we can develop that kind of relationship with the people around us and our country then the world would be a better place. true love is when you can love a difficult person or a difficult thing, not trying to make them fit in to our lives but just to accept them into ours just as they are if we can apply this then things would really get better but guess what? it begins with one step from you and me in the right direction. lets do it right.

  6. Emog

    When I couldn’t stay in class in kindergarten, I had to move to his class, a move that turned my life in a different direction and changed the course of my life forever. We’ve been together ever since, the love of a brother is truly beyond measure. Brothers are by chance, friends by choice. I could never had chosen a better friend than you…..One love Da republic

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