All New Me

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Wow, feels good to write again. Hi everyone, a lot has been going on seen i visited my blog page. recently I got married to the love of my life and work has been intense, church harvest which I was a member of the harvest committee and happened to be the secretary, so it has been work work work. Let me break it down a little.

I feel blessed, all new and excited. Before I boast about what God has done for me let me start with an opportunity which was worth it all the way. I got my letter on a Sunday, as the Young Adult Coordinator in my church, I felt another letter from the church council but to my utmost surprise, I was just made a member of the 2010 Harvest Committee. I was like really ? What do I now about being in a committee of that magnitude. After church we held our inaugural meeting were I was made the secretary. Now, I had only been thought about how to take minutes in secondary school but never really practice it. I went into action, reading and practicing for it but my initial minutes was not up to my chairman’s standard. I grew to write to standard after some try and it was exciting and fun .

I never knew harvest planing and execution could be so much fun. The visits to member’s home, which i could attend only once, due to my wedding plans at the time, visits to members in the hospital and ageing members of the church, who were very excited to see us. Also the parties, kids picnic and  youth outing and all the food. It’s a lot of work but all worth it at the end. I made a lot of new friends, like my fellow members of the harvest committee and all the testimonies they shared was inspiring and helped through it all.

Finally, aside the fun, working for God is always refreshing and brings out a new you, we had to be close to God, He always has a way of showing up in the middle of making and meeting difficult targets. We had few guest pastors during this period,  they all torch the reason for the harvest which theme was “Thus far the Lord has helped Us”. Really, think about it, some say there s no God, some say all sort but all over the world there are religions and stories of gods all over. There has also been cases which were all unexplainable. Mysterious events and now a days magic is taken as tricks for entertainment. Lets all be sincere, there is some thing out there. As for me , I believe and know it is God, through Christ I know that this God is like no other John 3:16.


To be continued ……

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