All New Me II

· Education, Hope

Ye , am back, hope you had a nice day? Today am going to continue with how  my work made me new.

I happen to work in a very fast growing civil engineering company. The difference between my firm and others out there is basically quality.  We have been able to partner with some companies abroad, like Halumm Germany, Trend Sanitary, Qiakon Aluminium in China and working on a lot of others, check us out in face book , with user name Ngoben EngineeringLimited(follow us on facebook).

I have a workaholic boss, he is impressive, the way he thinks, work, calculate and organize staff , you just can’t but try to think better when you are working with him. He is a great guy but when it comes to him needing you it doesn’t really matter how busy you are, you just have to make time. At the same time with my wedding plan and as a member of church harvest ,he needed me more than ever, we had a lot of projects on hand and I had to handle more. It took a lot and had to add extra hours.

All through I had to learn how to manage time, there was no time to hangout or have any kind of fun. But what I did at the end was learn how to mix business with pleasure. I had to attend some meetings with my fiancée ,at social friendly locations like cinemas,fast foods and “wedding planing locations”, lol.

I had help from reading my bible and depending more on God, when it gets complicated and I get all worked up, its like the holy spirit just reminds me that “am here , its well”.  So many people , work, get held up in traffic, have family problems or even end up in the hospital on there way to work. I have learnt to say thank you Lord before I go to sleep because at the end of the day, life could have been more complicated but He helps me meet most of my targets in a day.

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  1. emorevoke

    Still doing His thing till today . Awesome God

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