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1st off, I heard a story today about planning, it went like this: Two friends were hiking through the woods when they spotted a vicious-looking bear. One immediately opened his bag, pulled out a pair of sneakers and started putting them on. His friend turned to him and said, “You’re crazy-you’ll never be able to out run that bear!” “I don’t have to, “he said.”I only have to out run you “. Nice one don’t you think?

We can not over emphasis the importance of  planning, It all started when she said “Yes I will marry you”.When ever people say I want to get married there are mixed feelings, one of excitement and the other of fear, what kind of wedding am I going to have? are people going to come ? who cares is it not all about me ? I want my wedding to be the best ? and so on . The reality which every one knows, is that it’s just a day or two at most. So you can imagine how a day can change you

Its a happy day,your day of joy and gladness. I was so happy and my wife too, she couldn’t stop smiling. But it took planing and the favor of God. It was all very dramatic, how the day drew close by the minute. I woke up and noticed am getting married today,with thanks to God for how things all fell into place, with all my friends around me and family doing their best to ensure it was a day to savor.With work, church activities and so much more, God still answered our prayers, clear weather and so much joy in the air,why wont I want to write about it. It was favor. Pardon me as I preach a little, because my wedding was nothing short of a testimony. like 1st Peter 5:7 , says “cast your cares upon the Lord for He cares for you “. Worrying about so much those not change your situation, but preparing and praying will lead you to your testimony. We prepared and God did the rest and when He is involved your planing is made easy.

Life has a lot to offer both pain and gain, which do you take? Which will you receive? How prepared are you? You need money but day dream more on how to spend it, you are not satisfied with your work but have no plan of owning your company,no saving, no mutual benefit, no investment, no idea. Open your mind and tell God to fill you. Wisdom He says he has in abundance but will only be given to does who ask. Have you asked ? When you ask will you back it up with faith for what He has told you to do ? During my wedding His favor saw me through, as His name states “A Great Provider”.

I can go on and on and will still not exhaust His favor and how it changed me, one last verse I will like to share with you is John 3:16, I have been coming across this over and over again in recent time it reads ,

“For God so loved the world that

he gave his one and only Son,

that whoever believes in him

shall not perish but have eternal life”

Now thats love .


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  1. peace

    Inspiring words, kip d great work.

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