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A friend of mine wrote on his face book page today “Myopia can not just be a condition for the eye alone; i think some people have it in their brains. How do you explain some one adamantely wanting to sell bad goods all in the name of politics? oh i remember!! they are called “myopic “. And that brings me to my topic.

What is the reason people decide to vote for a particular candidate? Why has every one put aside quality and substance for tribalism, religion, ethnicity and so much baseless reasons ? I am a Christian, yes and am proud to say that but not every one that says it really do what the bible says. In character a true Christian is known. In the bible there is no kingdom that flourish with the wrong person in power.

In the upcoming elections we have the likes of Goodluck, Shekarua, Dele Momodu, Pat Utomi , Buhari ,Ribadu and some others who entered the race to taste the reasoning faculty of Nigerians. Why should will vote for any of these candidates? Do we know them ? Have we seen what they have done ? Who can truely say they are tested and trusted ? have they been in government ? Why , whats your reason for your vote .

I am going to mention just what I feel about some of the few candidates I have mentioned, beginning with our president with all due respect that is. GEJ to me has not shown any clear difference from his predecessors. He is our own brother but should that be the basis for my vote ??? Recently, according to findings a lot of seriously rejected and unwanted bad leaders are striving in his reign. I mean imagine even in His own state were people are complaining seriously about the governor of the state , the man still won his primaries. Even in delta State, he personally campaigned for a governor who has been accused severally of fraud and neglection  of citizens of the state. Rumors has it that he sent a representative to the scandalous homecoming of the unrepentant ex-convict, Bode George, and confounded us by withdrawing (or about to withdraw) corruption cases against the Vaswani brothers, Kenny Martins, Julius Berger, Nasir El-Rufai and the Minister of State for Health, Suleiman Bello.

What are we judging him by ? There has been occasional crises here and there, Lagos, Jos,Abuja and Akwa-ibom as much as the president has enemies he must pay more attention to these happenings , which so far as not shown enough concern of cubing the problem .

To be cont……………



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  1. unusual

    neat design here. did you download this of the internet or was it custom made? I haven’t this seen design ever before so that’s why I’m asking..

  2. unusual

    WOW! Keep it up man! you rock

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