Our Reason II

· Government, Hope

Rather than say the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, I am more comfortable in saying that they are the leaders of today and tomorrow,” said President Jonathan in another one of his notes”

The youths have been used as instruments of ridicule for far too long, we have heard a lot of aspirants talk about youth what have they done for the so called “Youths” ? For instance The president goes on a show with D’banj as the interviewer? We all know that story by now as how annoyingly amazing it sounds. On and on we have heard the music of youth development, I think is time to ask ourselves, have they given us a reason to actually cast our vote for them ?

Today, again we will be looking at two of our supposed to be leader of our great Nation. Both trying to rally for votes using youths as one of their major instrument. My fellow Deltan elder brother Pat Utomi is preaching about effective communication amongst youths. This is a renowned entrepreneur who has headed and managed Nation wide recognized organisations, exactly what is he preaching at the moment ? What has he done for Nigerian youths ? He has contested severally and why is that no one is listening to him?  I don’t think running a business and a Nation is the same thing, do you ?

Same with Dele Momodu, on his campaign web page he has a sing and vote competition where ‘youths’ can win millions ! What exactly do these men take youths for. Are the Issues of the country a game or medium for jokes. I have read both campaign web site and I wonder, every one of them is talking about new this, new that, better this and better that…. No one is really talking about investing Nigerian funds? What happens if our economy which almost depends on only crude oil changes because maybe there is an emergence of alternate source of energy? No laid out plan to show us the Youths, what will be available for us to grow on .We have heard many of their so called promises over and over again. Lets look for some difference, something reasonable enough to deserve our vote.

Pat Utomi in his web site was speaking highly of Nuhu Ribadu, a man who denied on NN24 presidential debate on calling his now “Godfather” Tinubu a criminal of international standard or level. This clearly shows that he was an instrument for the government at that time. Now he screams that PDP was corrupt, he claims they were running a bad government of which he forgets he was a member . Why on earth should we praise this kind of man ???

This is no fun time, this is serious. Our country needs a good leader who means well for everyone, especially the youths. Who will it be, as PU says “God bless Nigeria”.

To be cont …………..

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