Our Reason III

· Government, Hope

A friend of mine posted this on facebook   “I want to see a president that can revamp and empower the manufacturing sector, so that we don’t have to import lil tins like umbrella (PDP). A president who will solve the problem of housing so that we will have houses to sweep (ACN). A man who will not neglect the agricultural sector, so that we can have corn all year round (ANPP) and chicken (APGA) will not be an exclusive meal of the rich. A leader who must focus on education so that the pen (CPC) will be mightier than the sword….and finally a president who will make governance transparent, reduce corruption, make electric bulbs functional, give freedom of movement true meaning ( air transport, rail transport, water transport n road transport)…infact make Nigerians happy so that we will not have disgruntled people who will be forming all these meaningless political parties( too numerous to mention)….SO HELP US GOD”

It is now undoubtedly true that the politics of today take us the people as secondary, and this is wrong as any man who seeks to lead this nation must put Nigeria first, the people must come 1st. How do we make this happen ??? Our votes must count and we MUST Vote.

In this concluding series, we all saw the NN24 debate and how excitingly shocking it turned out to be. On one hand Ribadu, which had so much respect from Nigerians and the International Community denied making a lot of statements and was presenting his arguments like in the days of OBJ. He was forcefully making points that we already knew and could not really analyze how to solve the problems he said we had. He insisted that Nigerians were not corrupt but the government was the issue, meanwhile he headed the EFCC for a period of time.  He lost his crowd that day. It was a shame, that I think is the best thing to say.

Our very own Gen B, was ok but really could not give clear views on present happenings. He had good records from the past and promised to clean up the system. He although could not really give us a strong debate but has recorded achievement which has given him a good edge. This is a man that clearly has shown that he is not in for the money, my only problem is that time has changed. His tactics has to be up to date on solving problems and developing new ideas for Nigerians.

We have long voted by Name and hear say, meeting the people in question was very important. The President refused to attend this debate because the party (PDP) said it was unfair for only few candidates to be called and also that the national carrier NTA should have been actively involved.   Was this a genuine excuse ? Well thats left to Nigerians to decide.

Finally, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau was amazing, he had facts and analyzed every question aside being a mathematician he also displayed political intelligence from my point of view. He talked about the solution to the  Niger Delta problem better than Niger Delta’s candidates  themselves. He also pointed out current solutions, using his state as an example to current problems. He impressed me and I think also a lot of Nigerians. But is that enough for you???

Do any of these men deserve your vote ? Please lets do the right thing and for the right reason. What you decide today will effect this generation and maybe the Next either Positively or Negatively.


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