· Hope

“I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.”JOHN LOCKE

A new month and new day, awesome how things work and how time flies. Just yesterday we were still in January and today its November.

Thoughts going through a lot of friends head now , the holiday season and the new year. Most times people wish it wasn’t so near, like me. So many things I would have loved to achieve this year but yet to. So many at times we forget what we have really achieved . Just because it wasn’t in our to-do list doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good result.

It has been a tough but exciting year, so many lessons was learnt and so many mile stones achieved but thought it would have been much more. I know God’s got my back so most times when worries arise, I savour the knowledge that God has my back and try my best to always appreciate Him.

This is a simply write up today to thank God for the new month , for my wife , for my son TJ and my entire family(which is quite a big one ) . I also thanking God for my readers and does who will also just open the page without reading #kidding#. It’s a great day and I wish all God’s favour and blessing.

Love you but God loves you more

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